Themed cooking classes can be booked for a private group or corporate team building event; you are welcome to contact us for a complete quotation.

Themed Cooking lessons are presented either in the morning or evening according to Antoinette’s monthly schedule.

Themed cooking classes are presented for a minimum booking of 10 persons to a maximum of 16.


Antoinette’s Demo Classes – Chef’s Choice

Join us for a fun 3-hour session in our kitchen starting at 10h00 and ending at 13h00, so that you can still fetch the kids from school. Chef Antoinette will demonstrate and explain several recipe options to the group, showing you how to make your life easier and create more time for yourself. 


Date Night – Couples Cooking

Enjoy a special cooking experience with the love of your life in Antoinette’s kitchen, no interruptions, no kids, no cell phones, just some cooking fun. During this 4-hour cooking session, a three or four -course wine pairing meal will be prepared by yourself for each other.    

Making fresh pasta  –  Italian 1 Cooking Class

You cannot make pasta alone, and shouldn’t – it is emotional food and should be made in an environment of love and gossip. For a hands-on cooking class, learn how to make your own fresh pasta with a wide selection of delicious pasta sauces. Antoinette’s journey from Naples through the vineyards of Tuscany to the restaurants of Bologna will inspire you to learn, make and enjoy the most amazing freshly made pasta dishes on piping hot homemade true Italian focaccia. Making fresh pasta, 


Making filled and stuffed pasta – Italian 2 cooking class

Your addiction to pasta started, and you want to learn how to make your own stuffed or filled pasta. Pasta dishes, stuffed with a lot more than cheese, and bubbling to perfection — that’s what we crave for dinner. Antoinette’s will show you some of her favourite decadent pasta dishes, perfect for dining with indulgence!                                                                                                                       

Rustico – Italian country food –  Italian 3 cooking class

Italian Country Cooking is about the real food of Italy. It is about Cucina Povera, Italian Country Cooking, as you’ll discover when you try it, means eating with a warm heart–quite possibly better than you’ve ever done in your life. That is why in this class we will cook hearty Italian stews, make creamy polenta, and seasonal Italian desserts.                                                                                                                            

Greek Cooking

Greek cooking offers an incredibly rich and diverse array of foods and beverages that are the culmination of literally thousands of years of living, cooking, and eating. While each Greek meal is fresh and inviting, it is also a trip back through Greek history. Once you taste the exotic flavours of Greek food, you will be hooked, during 

Weber® Grill Academy™

Part of SA’s top grilling brand, Antoinette’s Cookery School is part of Weber SA’s Grill Academies.

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Cooking with Venison

For most people, the taste of venison is just too wild, and most voice negative opinions. But, did you know that venison is one of the healthiest meat alternatives, considering that it basically does not have any fat, and more organic than this would be hard to find.                                                                        

Indian Cooking

The popularity of Indian cuisine is ever-increasing but many people still regard it as something that is prepared as an occasional treat. The Indian Cooking class presents the flavours of India, sealed in four mouth-watering spices and chilli blends; Red-, Green-, Garam- and Three Spice Masalas. Our unique mixture shows the way to simplified Indian cuisine and becomes the source of endless inspiration for curries and other delicacies.                                                      
French Country Style Cooking: ...
French country style hands-on cooking class

                          French Country Cooking

The culinary art from France gives you the real taste of a country that has made food one of the greatest joys of everyday life. Join our culinary journey from the kitchens of Provence, through the vineyards of Bureaux to the Bakers of Paris, and discover the food that defines today’s French cooking.                                                                        

Thai Cooking

The food of Thailand is a comprehensive introduction to one of the world’s great cuisines. Thailand has an increasingly well-known and much-loved repertoire of dishes, some more familiar than others. Join our culinary journey through the street snacks found in Bangkok’s markets and discover the myriad dishes that make up modern Thai cuisine.                                                                     

Moroccan Cooking 

Food is a mosaic of colour, and the original combinations of flavours create something truly special. The history of invasion and the blending of cultures have produced a fusion cuisine with hints of Spanish, Portuguese, French, and North African character. The Arabs introduced the interesting combination of sweet and sour flavours and love of opulence and sensuality.                                                 

Mexican Cooking

Many people associate Mexican food with hot peppers and Chilli Con Carne. The Mexican kitchen, however, has so much more to offer.                                                            

Easy Entertaining – Special 3 Course Menu

The special art of presenting food is no longer restricted to the provinces of the world’s greatest chefs, exclusive restaurants or professional staffed homes. The visual elegance of haute cuisine, striking simple hors-d’oeuvres and magnificent entrees can easily be taught to the home cook to bring luscious decorative desserts, delicious vegetables, and accompaniments to the table with grace and pride.