Antoinette’s Kids in the Kitchen is a variety of classes and adventures presented for kids, teens and young adults.
Antoinette’s Mini Chef Cooking Parties

Our Mini Chefs birthday parties will ensure memories of exceptional food
pleasure and non-stop fun for every Mini Chef, more information in this regard
can be obtained by sending us an email to

For a really fun filled birthday party that kids between the ages of 5 to 12 years will remember for months afterward, why not give them a Mini Chef’s birthday party? Kids love cooking, and as many as 16 can join at Antoinette’s Cookery School, Mini Chef’s parties. At these birthday parties the kids get to prepare their very own delicacies such as cupcakes and pizzas, and of course, to eat them. Parties last for two and a half hours.








Antoinette’s Teen cooking parties

Teen Birthday Parties are a bit more advanced and hands-on where teens
get the opportunity to prepare dishes by themselves and the sit down to
enjoy their prepared dishes together.

At Antoinette’s we will ensure a popularity benchmark with an unforgettable cooking party.  There is some fun cooking themes available for teens,  ages 13 -17 years and a phenomenal cupcake decorating class, this will include fondant decorations. If your teen is the creative dreamer or the practical eater, we have a teen party alternative for you.