Kitchen Skills Extreme

This morning, Antoinette’s eagerly welcomed a group of 10 Kitchen Friends,  who are attending the 4-week Xtreme Kitchen Skills Course.

Antoinette’s presents this Xtreme Kitchen Skills Course, not only as a follow up to the 8-week Kitchen Skills Course but also to introduce you to astonishing current food trends . . . think explosion, foam, powder, dust, colouring . . . it’s all about adding new and creative elements to food.

Antoinette lavishes her time, knowledge and skill in compiling this course, which is continuously updated with current culinary inventions and cuisine fashion.

The Xtreme course is not presented often, as it is an intensive speciality course, ‘freshly’ developed every time it is presented.  Antoinette accommodates only 10 candidates for this course.

This is a 4-week course of true extreme cooking, from monocular gastronomy, avant-garde food sense to three-course dinners that will put the edge on any dinner party.  Each participant will prepare an element to complete a perfectly exceptional menu.

The only requirement is that you must have completed the 8 week Kitchen Skills course at Antoinette’s Cookery School.

Course fees for 2018 are R3500 for the 4 classes, all the ingredients included as well as recipes for each class.

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