Antoinette’s Voice 14 May 2020

To my dear Antoinette’s Cookery School Foodie Family,

This message is long overdue, I know, I had to take a moment to reflect before letting you know how thankful we are that you are part of our ‘small business’.  Thank you for your valued support for the past 17 years, yes, that is a magic number of years we have been cooking and we will go on. Not even a Lockdown will knock us down….

We are missing you in our kitchen, and as we are not allowed to present hands-on cooking classes on level 4, we are making plans for the way forward.  We are super excited about what the future will bring us.

I would like to thank each and every participant of our 21-day lockdown food challenge, it sure kept us passionately going and the recipe sharing that Wilna challenged individuals with,  was so valued and tremendously inspirational to us. A huge thank you for taking part!

You are welcome to let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can bring our Kitchen to you.  We are investigating several options, but you must keep in mind that we prefer to have you in our kitchen – we all thrive on that personal interaction.

Scheduled classes as per our website will be updated the moment we have more clarity on allowed dates. So, for now, Wilna will keep classes on the website as per our schedule and communicate with participants accordingly.

 Immediate and inspirational future plans you might be able to assist with:

You all know I am dreaming of a “Lockdown Cookbook”, so let us know if you know any publishing company that will assist. It will also be awesome if you can share more of your lockdown recipes, thoughts and interesting happening or even funny stories that occurred in these times.

We are thinking of creating some “Cook with Antoinette’s” video clips – this is a totally new venture for us and we are seeking guidance, please….

Oh! We do miss you all in our kitchen and do hope that all will work out for some happy cooking memories again.

Now before I say ‘ happy cookings’ I wish to thank you all for supporting us and helping us to create a Memorable Mother’s Day 2020 – the gift boxes were created during a quick moment of happy inspiration, with limited boxes available –  we sold more than originally planned and we were heartbroken at not being able to cater to all the enquiries. Thank you for showing your support and love to us in this way. It makes all the uncertainties of today easier.   We are thinking of a view ventures for the near future and we will keep you posted via our web page www.antoinettes, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and WhatsApp.

 ‘Happy Cookings’


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