Antoinette’s HOMEMADE Christmas Gifts

Free of plastic and kind to Mother Earth – For a limited time only – Especially for you – you know you want it!! – you know you need it!! – you know you want to need it !!- GO ON, SPOIL SOMEONE!!

“I love it when a plan comes together”, even after 15 years of living my dream, these words are still part of my dialect and true words spoken by A-Team legend Mr Hannibal Smith, of course without the thick Cuban cigar…

Wow, I do miss the good old 80’s TV shows, from a talking car to the only guy in the whole world that can wing a mullet, escape out of any nail-biting, good-guy-bad-guy seen, with the most absurd gadget he basically built out of nothing. Ai, those were the days, bad special effects, one watchable TV show a day, and yes do you remember it all finished with a test screen at 12:00 midnight?               

Just like the A-team always got back together, I am infinitely blessed with amazingly talented and creative individuals that see my vision without a lot of descriptive words. This might sound like a ‘fairy tale’ in our everyday hectic lives, but it is not. (although there are a few fairies involved.)

All this started with a limited amount of words, loaded with talent, passion, love, and inspiration and thus our beautiful Antoinette’s Kitchen Fairies evolved into the most gorgeous little fairy beings.

The talented Sarie Landman created each little Kitchen Fairy with a unique personality, I could never have imagined them truer to their purpose in our Kitchen.

The first Kitchen Fairy I want to introduce you to, will at once make you feel warm and fuzzy (or maybe it is the excitement the good coffee has on me). I introduce to you our little Fairy Café, she will definitely give each chaos loaded morning a sprinkle of fairy magic. She presents herself during this festive season on two unique products.

Our enamel coffee pot lined with a reusable traditional coffee filter will ensure any coffee moment as a superior one. Our long-lasting coffee suppliers Coffee Excellence also jumped into our “fairy tale”-world and created our own Fairy blend coffee. And I know this will sound so cheesy, but seriously it really does feel like fairy magic happening in your mouth.

The beautiful enamel coffee pot with reusable traditional coffee filter and 250g Fairy blend coffee for R300.

The enamel coffee pot including reusable traditional coffee filter bag will be available for only R250.00

Our fabulous Fairy blend coffee for R75, (250g).

Another product you just cannot be without during this festive season is our unique plastic free bowl covers.

They are available indifferent sizes, colours and some of them will joy your day up with a fairy. The choice is yours, but I really do feel there are no more excuses, give that bowl a hat instead of some plastic wrap. I want to thank my dearest mother for her precision needle work in seeing my vision and even double lining each bowl cover with love and care. Each bowl cover also has a little ribbon to easily remove the bowl cover with one hand. I know… genius né! 

Prices for this unique addition to your kitchen comes in various sizes and will vary from R80 – R200.

If you did not have the opportunity to attend our awesome Christmas gift class, we definitely do not want you despair, or cry yourself to sleep for the next few weeks, as always, we are here for you! You are more than welcome to order some of the products that were part of our Christmas gift class.

Every teacher, book club friend, BFF next door neighbor and the list goes on, will appreciate your gratitude after a very long 2019 – spoil them with a very unique gift made by Antoinette with lots of love.

Here are some images of what can be ordered with prices. If there is anything you are interested in, please email us and we will forward an order form to you.:

Enamel Chicken Roaster, Antoinette’s Dry rub and a tin of Namaqua olive oil (it basically works like the beer can chicken concept, just way better because you can add your own preferred liquid, without the fear of eating the paint on the tin… and you can roast some veggies on the sides as well, just brilliant for the Weber or the oven.)

Roaster R250, Tin Olive oil (250ml) R70, Homemade Rub R150

This gift will be available for only R400

An assortment of Homemade salts, this is perfect for the home cook that just loves to add flavour even amazing for the “Plankie Braai” expert. Flavoured Salt varieties:Lavender & Lemon Sea Salt,Smokey -Chile-Lemon-Capsicum Salt, Mesquite-Porcini Salt, Chipotle-Orange Salt, Rosemary and Lemon Salt, Antoinette’s Veggie Salt.

This beautiful bespoke gift includes 6 tubes with a variety of salts for only R140

This picture is only an example, please keep in mind your order will be filled

Three 80ml glass jars filled with Mesquite-Porcini Salt, Antoinette’s Veggie Salt and Lemon Pepper Seasoning.

Available in beautiful packaging for only R160

This picture is only an example, please keep in mind your order will be filled

A Glass dredger 250ml with either Spicy Coffee Dry Rub or Antoinette’s Dry Rub, you can also use these as a meat seasoning at a braai.

Available for only R100

Namaqua’s Trio of Olive oil and Balsamic… They don’t just look pretty but are of utmost tasting quality.

Individually these beautiful Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar are available for only R200 each.

Two 250ml Basting sauces, our delicious Mustard Basting Sauce and Sweet and Tangy Basting Sauce will turn just about any piece of meat into world class quality.

2 Basting sauces packaged for only R180

Basting sauce 250ml for R100 each.

Antoinette’s Chocolate Ultimate Chocolate Nut Brownie Mix in a glass jar; you can either purchase the jar alone for R100, or the jar and Brownie enamel dish for R250 or the trio of jar, enamel dish and bowl cover for the Brownie dish for only R350

Antoinette’s Cookie Mix in a jar is also available in the jar alone for R100

Say no to all the extra yukkieness that’s added in all the premixes in the shops. Our beautiful centre whole enamel cake tin and homemade cake mix, either chocolate or vanilla, will motivate even the non-baker to bake. This beautiful gift is available for only R350

Mug cake is such a humble way of satisfying the need for cake…

a quirky ceramic mug that looks like an enamel mug with a lovely homemade mug cake mix of choice being either ginger cake or chocolate cake.

Available for R100

A gift for you and your best friend2 Enamel plates filled with delicious Peppermint crisp tart and each dish covered with a beautiful bowl cover.  Please note when receiving this you will have to ensure that you can gift it the next day.

This gift is available for only R400

If you want to fill it yourself as a gift:

The beautiful enamel tart tin R50 each Medium Bowl Cover R100 each

Medium enamel bowl filled with either white chocolate pecan and cranberry fudge or gingerbread fudge also with a bowl cover to complete this sweet delight as a gift. This sweet gift available for only R250

Chocolate Salami – a homemade Italian delight, presented just like a salami but with the sweet delicate flavours of nuts, Amaretto and cranberries would want Christmas to last forever.

This sweet quirky bespoke gift for only R100

Puppy treats, no artificial ingredients and all natural for the best doggy ever.

Available in a glass bottle for only R80 or a brown paper bag for R50.

Honey brought to you by the bee keeper himself. Beautiful dark and delicious honey, you know you need this for your gammon glaze on Christmas. R80 each.

Fantastical Liquid Smoke 6 flavours to choose from at only R60 per bottle

We are aware of the closing date for schools; please place your order as soon as possible, we will definitely get our Fairies to assist in preparing the gifts.

Gifts are made on order only and stock are limited. To avoid disappointment order and pay now, we will let you know the minute the order is ready for collection.

Regards to all my culinary friends


P.S and if it does not work out this year to give an Antoinette’s Gift… Please do me a favour and give a SPEKBOOM

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